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Your Virtual Business Assistant

Are you ready for time freedom?

You're facing a daily uphill battle keeping your emails under control, completing specialist work, and you're wanting to feel freer with how you go about your day.

Imagine a work balance when you can take a lunch break and knock off early! 

How about going on holiday and leaving your laptop behind?

Often all it takes is having someone else to take care of your emails and dedicate time completing the tasks on your ever growing to-do list.

How great would it be to leave work at work, until you start fresh in the morning?

Oh this is the dream...

Well, it doesn't have to only be a dream. It can easily be your new reality.

Wondering if it's for you?

Outsourcing can be scary. You might expect to feel as though you're losing control of what's going on in your business.

Actually, it doesn't have to be that way.  Working together and putting processes in place to ensure transparency and open communication is key to a successful onboarding period.

Speaking in your tone of voice, working within your brand, and becoming an extension of you and your company, is so important at That Girl Tuesday, as is providing awesome, caring service, that ensures your clients and customers feel well taken care of. 

Making you feel safe and secure is ingrained within the values of That Girl Tuesday >

Feedback from my lovely clients

Hello you!

It's time for That Girl Tuesday

Offload your admin and day-to-day operations to your new Virtual Business Assistant and you'll gain back precious time and freedom to do what your heart desires.

No matter what stage you're at with your business, you can level-up

    Is it time to increase your client base?
    Do you need someone to help take care of your membership, so you can focus on your community and clients?  

    Is it time to let go of your inbox and let someone take care of the admin of your coaching clients?

    Do you need someone to carry the load and manage your business operations, so you can focus on generating more money?

    Do you need someone to wave a magic wand and grant you your wish of more time?

If this is you, book a time here > and lets chat

Your first step to gaining time and freedom

Get yourself a cuppa, put pen to paper and write.

Don't think too much, just put all your thoughts on paper, to clear your mind. 

For those of you who prefer online lists, here's a template on Trello created just for you: Bust Through Your Overwhelm >

Feel free to save it for yourself and make it your own.

Congratulations! You now have your to-do list.

Now it's time to outsource all of those tasks to your new Virtual Business Assistant, That Girl Tuesday.

You don't need to do it all yourself

You'll gain all the support and understanding you need to free up your time and creativity to do what you do best for your business. 

Ready to talk?

You're ready to gain back your time, freedom and peace of mind? Get in touch and book a free, no-obligation consultation session now. 

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