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Your Virtual Business Assistant

Hi, I'm Tuesday Semmens, your Virtual Business Assistant at That Girl Tuesday. That Girl Tuesday was founded in 2021, a year in which I had a deep epiphany regarding the importance of work/life balance, fluidity, flexibility and the ability to work from home.

Rather than working for one company, I realised that it made more sense to offer the skills and expertise gained in over 20 years of experience, here in NZ and over in the UK, to help and support you and your business in the areas you need it most.

That Girl Tuesday exists to bring flexibility and time freedom to you and your business, by taking care of the tasks you can't, won't or don't like to do. 

What's taking up too much of your time?

Whatever it is, it's stopping you from doing the things you love. It's preventing you from making more money, upscaling your business, and the many more things you don't have time for.

I'll be the yin to your yang and take care of the tasks you don't have time for.

With a Virtual Business Assistant by your side no task is too big or small, so let's find out what will make your life easier and better.

Honesty & trust

Key foundations to building strong, long-lasting relationships. Everything is confidentially, professionally handled and you'll always be treated as a top priority.

Intuitively lead

Using experience, knowledge and instinct to enable the right guidance for you and your business.

Safe space creation

You'll always feel supported, respected and able to speak freely and heard without judgement. 


It's great to bounce ideas off each other. You'll get an excellent collaborator who's also independently motivated and self-managing, with a strong sense of accountability and integrity.

10,000 hours of experience makes you an expert

That Girl Tuesday has over 46,000 hours of administration and business management experience.

Business expertise meets organisational excellence

Our excellence in virtual business assistance will harmonise with your expertise to help make a success of your business.

Remember your 'why'

It's time to reconnect with why you started your business and focus on doing what you do best. 

You don't need to do it all yourself

You'll gain all the support and understanding you need to free up your time and creativity to do what you do best for your business. 

Small Business Management

Currently working towards my small business management certificate, so that my expertise and experience is complimented by new skills and an awareness of evolving business legislations and best practices.


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