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Intended Parents Journey

Congratulations! You’re here because you’re on an exciting, loving journey, to become intended parents.

By now you probably have a lot of your journey planned and underway. Amongst all of the beauty and excitement there may be some unorganised chaos that you’re yet to think about.

With this in mind, you need to be working with people who understand where you’re coming from. Who understand the deep desire to become parents and who can empathise with you, holding space for you.

You are understood

I have a deep understanding of what intended parents go through.

Having been there with my brother and brother-in-law on their intended parents’ journey, I’ve seen first-hand the emotions they went through. The trials and tribulations, and what ‘other stuff’ they needed to organise before, during, and after, they travelled to America to pick up their family.

Personally, I’m on an IVF journey and understand what you may be going through from this perspective, too.

There's so much organisation required

There are so many things to organise before you set off, possibly things you've not even thought of. Which is very understandable as this journey is huge. Plus, you have a job, a home to run, pets to look after, and your everyday life continues around you. Not to mention getting the nursery sorted and thinking about names.

What you need is an extra pair of hands to take care of the additional organisation required. This could really help to ease your journey leading up to meeting your new family member.

How it works

Step 1

First, we have a video meeting for 30 minutes. This is where you tell me about you and your situation. It gives you the opportunity to get to know me and decide if you'd like me to be a little part of your journey.

Step 2 - Small Steps

If you'd like to go ahead, we have a more thorough meeting. We discuss your everyday life, your living circumstances, if you have pets etc. During this time, I'll ask questions to draw out information and fill in the gaps. This is necessary to ensure nothing gets missed.

We'll go over your intended parent journey, cover your existing plan and what else needs to happen. It's key to have as detailed a timeline for your trip as possible, including the due date, where your baby will be born, when you need to be there, how long for etc.

After our first meeting, I'll put together a to-do list and create a Trello board for you. This will have timelines and deadlines, to ensure you stay on track.

Step 3

If you'd like me to organise more in-depth logistics for your trip, you can choose whichever add-ons you require. I'll get to work and pull together the information for you.

Step 4

Once you've reviewed your information pack, we'll have another meeting and go over your decisions, questions, any changes or additions you'd like to make.

Step 5

When we've covered all areas and you've made your final decisions, we'll take the next steps in confirming your plans and making bookings.

Do you need?

  Insurance updated

To book your flights


To buy baby supplies

To buy extra luggage

Your home minded

To hire a car

To buy a car seat

Travel documents

Dylan and Luc

My husband and I were undertaking a complex international surrogacy and soon realised we couldn’t get everything done in time, so we engaged That Girl Tuesday to help pull together all the loose ends not covered by our surrogacy agency.

Tuesday grabbed hold of the project, identified key gaps, researched a range of items that needed clarifying and quickly came up with an action plan.

Not only did That Girl Tuesday solve the problem and keep us on track for what was looming and immovable deadline, they also came up with some creative solutions that reduced our costs and made things simpler.

Such a fantastic result and total lifesaver!!

Small steps

$400.00 NZD

Such a beautiful journey

I send you all the love and happiness on your beautiful journey. Baby dust wishes to you all. 


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