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Your Virtual Business Assistant

Supporting you so that you can focus on helping and healing your clients.

Do you really need to take care of everything?

As a Health & Wellbeing practitioner, taking care of people is at the heart of what you do. So, wouldn't it be nice to have someone help take care of things for you?

You're busy creating your health & wellbeing course and coaching your clients. You need to be able to answer queries in a timely manner but there aren't enough hours in the day. By trusting your Virtual Business Assistant to take care of the back end of your course, updating material, emailing members, you will have so much time. Not only that, you'll fell like you have the support you need. Plus what a great sounding board you'll have. 

Your clients will know they've got extra support when you're unavailable and they'll feel safe knowing there's someone else they can reach out to, should they need.

That Girl Tuesday is passionate about helping you to help your clients. This support allows you to spend more time doing what you're best at, and gives you more space and time. 

Thought leader

Podcast support
Course management
Scheduling events
Coordinating bookings
Editing & proofreading 
Social media scheduling
Inbox management

Healing modalities 

Coordinating bookings
Client support
Group event planning
Social media scheduling
Content administration
Communicating with clients
Inbox management

Coaches & Course providers

Client onboarding
Client support
Answering member queries
Taking care of bookings
Workshop planning
CRM management

Retreat & event facilitation
Website updates
Course content administration
Programme preparation 
Launch support
Online event planning & support

Health & Wellbeing client testimonial

Melanie Moore - Big Vision Coach

“I had an important recent project for my business that I needed some specialist support with, and I instantly thought of Tuesday when it came to outsourcing this task.

I was so impressed with Tuesday’s attention to detail, her organisational skills, and her ability to make my life easier. She seemed to intuitively know what I wanted and went above and beyond in providing me the work that I needed completing. The work and the completed project that I received back completely exceeded my expectations."

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Helping you to help your clients

A better balance

I'm a strong advocate of taking time for mindfulness. The healthier and happier we are, the more we can enrich our own lives and the lives of those around us.

Working on my own mindfulness and wellbeing has been hugely positive in empowering me to grow my business and do my best for my clients. 

That is why I'm so passionate about helping you to help your clients. By taking care of your essential tasks, I free you up to focus your talents on guiding your clients. 


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